Top 7 Best Expandable Garden Hoses

Today topic is expandable garden hose. Firstly, I would like tell you what expandable hose is. You may have known about how a hose used in garden. It is like a pipe connected to water source so that you can water plants. Secondly, come to this special item, you now can prolong the length its original length twice or thrice. Isn’t it amazing? You can even water plants which are distantly away. Thirdly, the expandable garden hose is flexible easy for you to store it even in small place. Besides, it also weighs less than other traditional hose. Fourthly, the hose lets water flow inside it smoothly and can endure high pressure of flowing greatly. It is long lasting due to such quality. Yet, there are many more benefits.

As you can see how useful and wonderful the expandable garden hose is, you should get one right away for green and healthy garden. Luckily, there are plenty of the kind hoses in market. Surely each one contains different uniqueness. Here I am going to introduce you the top 7 best expandable garden hoses which are highly used and recommended to use.

1. Garden Hose HEAVY DUTY Flexible Hose

This is a heavy duty flexible expandable hose. It has black color and 100 feet length which allows you to carry it and water plants on the other side. I am sure you meet problem hose twisting during operation. However, with this hose you won’t face such problem anymore. It won’t twist, tangle, or kink. Instead it is flexible that you can pack it into storage. The special feature is when it is not filled with water it has only 33 feet length.

1.Top 7 Best Expandable Garden Hoses


2. Expanding Hose Titan Expandable Garden Hose Solid Brass Connectors

This is a double layer expandable garden hose. It has grey color. Moreover, it has long length of 75 feet and flexible body like snake can be rounded up as a thin rope. So after using it, you can take it back to the storage. The hose can stand heavy usages, for instance, you can drop it in full force to the ground and it is still fine and strong. Additionally, it also has leak resistant; it guarantees that water won’t flow out from it.

2.Top 7 Best Expandable Garden Hoses


3. ALL NEW 2017 Garden Hose 50 Feet Expandable Hose

This is a green 50 feet expandable garden hose. It is originally 17 feet but when water flows inside the length will expand to 50 feet. You can use it in long distance from water tab. Since it is flexible, the hose won’t twist or tangle. In addition, there is another feature which fights with corrosion for durable and long lasting lifespan. It can endure water pressure up to 145 psi.

3.Top 7 Best Expandable Garden Hoses


4. Expandable Garden Hose Extends up to 75 Feet

This is a light and compact expandable garden hose. It has 75 feet length and woven outer sleeve is beautiful like dress rope with black color. This hose has triple layer latex core that won’t let water leaks or bursts out. Even though it is light whose weight is 18 oz, it is a heavy duty hose which is long lasting. Plus, you will get a free bag to store the hose after purchasing the product.

4.Top 7 Best Expandable Garden Hoses


5. LawnPRO 50 Expanding Garden Hose

This is a black strong expandable garden hose. It is also known as 5000 denier woven wrap that is more durable than other traditional hose. The hose is made from solid copper and steel clamps that can prove great quality and sturdy structure. What’s more, before operating, it has 20 feet length and 2.5lbs weight. And there is an extra storage bag for you can transport it to anywhere.

5.Top 7 Best Expandable Garden Hoses


6. VicTsing 50ft Expanding Hose

This is a double latex core with solid brass connector expandable garden hose. It has black color. Talking about the brass, it is very strong to prove that won’t break, crack, or leak water. It can be used in both cold and hot weather because of the high temperature withstand from minus 5 Celsius to 98 Celsius. Furthermore, it can expand length 3 times its origin. You can use it to water plants, clean car or other vehicles, or wash your pet in the garden.

6.Top 7 Best Expandable Garden Hoses


7. Newest 2017 50ft Expandable Garden Hose

This is the last recommended triple layer latex expandable garden hose. Beautifully, it has nature green color with 50 feet long. Because of the lightweight, it gives benefit of portability. Since it is flexible, you are able to round it up into circle shape and store it in some bag. For more information, the hose can endure water pressure with no problem.

7.Top 7 Best Expandable Garden Hoses


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