Top 7 Best Feminine Wipe Reviews

You must have heard of wet wipe tissue which mostly used on babies to clean their bodies. However, now there is a new product releasing in market which is feminine wipe. The feminine wipe is a type of cleaning tissue used specially for women intimate areas and it is different from normal tissue. The wipe will provide certain several benefits to your body. It is important for women to take careful care on their sensitive body parts because if females can get illness easily at those areas. Hence, using feminine wipe to clean is the best hygienic way to do. For example, when you go to public bathroom, you can use the wipe for better secure. Especially, when women have their month, cleanliness and freshness are musts and this product can fulfill.

To sum up, feminine wipe is perfect for all ladies to use whenever they want to clean their intimate areas because it is safe and convenient to use. You can find and buy it at any supermarkets or order from online shops which sell female product. In case you want to more details about this product, you can check the text below. This article will bring you the top 7 best feminine wipes.

1. Feminine wipes by genneve

This is an ultra-gentle feminine wipe. It has 30 cleaning clothes within its black plastic shell. These 30 pieces have extra-large size which suitable to use for all body areas. Moreover, the wipe is made and considered careful on ingredient usage and PH. It has balanced PH that won’t cause irritation on your private body part. The ingredients used to make the wipe are aloe, cucumber, chamomile and vitamin E.


2. GoodWipes Down there Wipes for Women

This is a healthy and safe feminine wipe. There are 50 pieces within a thick package. It is perfect for women who travel a lot. The wet tissues have good smell of lavender. Although they are made with scent, there is no harmful chemical that leads to allergy on your skin. Instead, the wipe product will help your body to be in comfortable stage by getting rid of unpleasant smell and bacteria.


3. La Fresh Travel Feminine Hygiene Wipes

This is travel feminine wipe. Wonderfully, when you purchase this product, you will obtain 48 wipes in a box. Plus, one wipe has medium size which is 12 cm by 14.6 cm. But each of wipe is packed individually. Therefore, you can take one or two thin packages with you all the time. It is created with right level of PH that won’t make your personal area skin irritated. To add, it is biodegradable so eco-friendly.


4. Bresh Wipes for Women

This is a whole box of wet feminine wipe. There are 48 wipes in the package. Of course, the product is made for women special need. You can keep your body clean all the time at anywhere. Besides for intimate area hygiene, the wipes are usable for other purposes as well. For instance, you can use it on baby, for wet clean, for sweat and more. Additionally, they have no paraben and alcohol ingredients in formula.


5. healthy hoohoo All Natural Gentle Femine Wipes Travelpack

This is natural gentle feminine wipe. This product contains three packages and each package has 30 wipe tissues inside. The female wipes are made from natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, alcohol and dyes. So you can trust the product and make your body feels at ease from using the wipes. Wonderfully, aloe is used as important ingredient to moisturize your skin.


6. Intimore To Go Feminine Wipes

This is an intimate hygiene feminine wipe. Paying on reasonable price, you will get 3 boxes and each one has 20 wipes. In order to produce the wipe, there are many ingredients used. For example, there are aqua, mineral oil, hydrogenated peanut, lactic acid, and a lot more. In addition, for quality guarantee, the wipe is put in foil packet so that you just need to remove the clean cloth out when using.


7. 70 Simply Pure Unscented Wet Wipes

This is the last recommended pure feminine wipe product. The wipe is made from natural and safe ingredients which are hypoallergenic, hydro water, vitamin E and aloe vera for moisture. As a result, even you have sensitive skin you can use this product. Furthermore, the wipes are for face and whole body, especially on babies. Packed in lovely pink plastic box, 70 wet wipes are ready to be used.


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