Top 7 Best Floor Pillow Lounger Cases For Kids Review in 2017

Playing on the floor can be more fun and cool when you have the best floor pillow lounger cases. The cases are designed to provide cute and stylish look in the room. Changing the case often also keeps you and other users in the house healthy as well. All floor pillow loungers in our list today are stylish and comfortable which you will surely love. There are different designs and patterns, a few of them will match your preference. Below you will find 7 best of the loungers cases that you can take into consideration, feel free to check them out.

1. Floor Pillow Cover by Heart to Heart

This cover is made from super soft premium fabric that makes it so soft and comfortable to sleep on. It feels great the skin, any types of skin even the sensitive ones. The case is also to take care of as well after use since you can machine wash it easily. It fits great with queen size or standard pillows, and the design is ideal for both kids and adults. There are 4 printing styles that you can choose from among stars, camo, galaxy, and transportation.


2. Girl’s Floor Lounger Case by Heart to Heart

Choosing adorable lounger case for your little girls is not complicated. All you need to select the ones with cute design and colors like this one right here. This cover features the dot design that looks good in any room while keeping the mood light as well. It is soft and plush, and you can use it with floor loungers, bean bag chair, and many more. There are 4 colors available including light pink, purple, hot pink, and aqua blue. Just the colors that little girls love, and you will love it too.


3. Polka Dot Floor Pillow Case by Sweet Jojo Designs

The difference this case and the previous one is the side of the dots. This cover comes with smaller dots that create classic and simple look to the pillow. It is made from high quality materials that ensure durability and comfort at the same time. The case is machine washable and dryable which is very easy to take care of. The pink color makes the whole thing even more great for the girl’s room, and its style will never get old.


4. Lounger Cushion Cover by DrCosy

The design of this cover is to insert 5 queen size pillows to make an awesome lounger cushion pillow. The cover is made from premium quality cotton that assures that the comfort is all yours. The look on the cover is ideal for kids to play on or relaxing in their room or living room. And since the whole thing foldable, you can even bring it outdoor with you. There are more designs available like stripes, pears, ice lolly, socks, and more.


5. Floor Pillow Case by Nancyus005

Kid’s skin is sensitive sometimes that is why choosing pillow case for them needs more cautions. This floor lounger case that you are reading about now is made from 100% cotton which is soft for kids. It is easy to wash and dry, and it makes ideal choice for any occasions in any room. And trust me, you kids will enjoy rolling around their pillow even more than before. A variety of designs is waiting for you to choose, don’t forget to drop buy and get a few.


6. Floor Pillow Bed Cover by Butterfly Craze

The combination of soft and plush fabric makes this pillow cover absolutely comfortable to sleep on. With it, your pillow lounger will be double comfy and cozy to chill with in your free time. Not to mention the cool and adorable design that it comes with. This cover is great for both kids and adults, and it also has other printings for you to choose as well. There will be 4 of them for you to decide, that includes ballerina, mermaid, fairy, and under the sea.


7. Floor Pillow Cover by FIOKASO

High quality cotton construction makes this pillow case so soft and comfortable to sleep on. There are cheap covers that irritate kid’s skin, some even leads to allergies and rashes. But this one won’t, and that is why it is among the best choice for you. It makes awesome pair with the comfy floor pillow loungers, and the design is beyond adorable. This cover comes with 2 choices of style that you can pick between rainbow and starry sky. The latter seems so cute for kids, don’t you think?


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