Top 7 Best Photography Light Stand Reviews

A photography light stand is a type of equipment used in studio for shooting. The light stand is usually made from steel for durability. It has high length that is adjustable. So what is the main usage of this product and why should you use it? The photography light stand is essential in photography field. You always need enough light to have a good shoot and you cannot operate without a stand to hang extra LED lights. In fact, there are a lot of types of light stand. For example, there are C-stands, rolling stands, tripod stands, boom stands and more. However, tripod stands are popular and used a lot because they can be folded easily. If you want to take photo in superior standard, you need this photography light stand to help you.

In the markets, there are plenty of light stands sold. If you are interested in buying one, you can find their detail information and price on online shops. For instance, you need to search on reliable website such as Amazon. In order to save time for you, this article contains the top 7 best photography light stands chosen from Amazon.

1. CowboyStudio Set of Two 7 feet Photography Light Stands with Cases

This is a set of two tripod photography light stands. They are made from aluminum alloy for durability. Moreover, when purchasing for these two items in one set, you will receive two black cases. Besides the main material, these stands are finished with black stain. You are able to extend them from 2 inches until 8 inches. Each of them weighs only 7 lbs so you can carry around at ease.


2. Neewer 75"/6 Feet/190CM Photography Light Stands for Relfectors

This is a reflector photography light stand. With this stand, you don’t have to worry wherever you shoot. For example, in the studio, you can assemble it and hang the light to provide enough bright for object or subject. For outdoor usage, you use it to balance the brightness from sun. To add, it has original height which is 2.16 feet. But when you fully extend, it will be 6 times higher.


3. Fovitec StudioPRO - 2x 7'6" Classic Light Stand Kit

This is a package of class photography light stand kit. There are two stands which both are thin and tall. Talking about the general information, each stand has dimensions of 8 by 8 by 30 inches with lightweight of 8 pound. Due to this compact size, you are able to bring it with you to everywhere. You will get a free carrying bag as well. The bag allows many other stuffs for shooting set up.


4. 10ft Photo Studio Heavy Duty Light Stands Set of 3 Air cushioned Steve Kaeser

This is a super tall heavy duty photography light stand set. This set contains three stands which are made from high quality aluminum. What makes them special from other produces is air cushioned inside. Due to the cushion and metal, these light stands are strong outdoor and soft inside to support the sturdy. Additionally, they can be upgraded to 10 feet height. As the set has three stands, there will be three carrying bags provided for free.



This is a metal heavy duty photography light stand package. There two stands which created from aluminum. To be clear, these photography light stands are entirely constructed from metal. As a consequence, you can trust their strength and long lasting life. Each of them is adjustable. Furthermore, one stand has 8 pounds and 4 by 4 by 35 inches measurement. The stand has three flexible legs to support the whole pressure.


6. PBL Light Stands 10 Foot

This is a metal locking collar photography light stand set. It has two pieces included. Besides the stands, the set gives you free black and yellow bags to store stands. When you have this whole pack, transporting from one place to another for new photo landscape is not a difficult task anymore. For more information, the light stand is 10 pound heavy and 47 inches high. And you are able to extend for higher height.


7. CowboyStudio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand with Case

This is the last recommended black photography light stand. It comes individual with a storage bag. This stand has a screw tip which is 0.25 inch. It can endure capacity up to 7 lbs. In addition, it is made from aluminum alloy and black satin for finishing stage. It can be upgrade the height from 2 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 8 inches. It is very easy to fold so you won’t have problem doing it alone.


Having a light stand is as important as owing a tripod. You know that the major key to make images look wonderful is light. The ten photography light stands introduced above are not so expensive; they have reasonable price fits with their quality. Hopefully, you can make intelligent decision choosing the product. In short, if you want to be a professional photographer, besides skills, you need to own many tools used in this round.



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