Top 7 Best Portable Camping Stoves

Do you like camping in forest or on mountain? Then you must know that before going to adventure, you must prepare well. Besides packing clothes and necessary stuffs for daily life, you also need to think of food. In remote area, you cannot find fire to cook your meal easily. You will need to start fire by doing in traditional way, for instance, use wood and stone to make fire. However, thing can turn in comfortable and easy when you choose a portable camping stove. This kind of stove is light and small which is convenient to bring along. Also, it saves a lot of time and effort of you. Whenever you go on a long journey, you should pack the portable camping stove with some food ingredients. That way you won’t starve no matter wherever you go.

Actually there are so many camping stoves you can choose. Each one of them has different functions and abilities, but is made in the same purpose to provide convenient living. So in this article, you will get to know wonderful features of top 7 best portable camping stoves. Please read their details below.

1. Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking

This is an outdoor backpacking portable camping stove. It has orange color. It is made from aluminum alloy and stainless steel which offer long time usage and durability. This stove can stand high temperature and endure heavy object placed on it. When purchasing, you will get a carrying case to store this stove. So there won’t be a problem in packing anymore. About the flame, you can control for minimum and maximum temperature.


2. iRegro Portable Collapsible Stainless Steel Outdoor Backpacking Camping Wood Stoves

This is a collapsible stainless steel backpacking camping stove. The only material of this stove is high quality steel which won’t be stained though used for a long time. It is strong that can endure high heat. There are 4 flexible and non-slip arms which are made to support and balance pots. No matter how big or heaving the cooking pan is, it can withstand. Amazingly, you can use twigs, leaves, pinecones, or wood as fuel to make fire.


3. Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove

This is a 3-arm portable camping stove. Its unique design is the 3 supporting arms that can stable any cooking pots on it. To add, the stove is made of high quality stainless steel. It has small size and lightweight which is surely beneficial for outdoor activities. For instance, the stove fits in its carrying case which is 5.3" x 5.3" x 3". Also, the weight of it is only 400g. It is environmental friendly stove that not uses fuel, but tree leaves; wood; and pinecones.


4. GAS ONE NEW GS-3400P Dual Fuel Portable Propane & Butane Camping and Backpacking Gas Stove Burner with Carrying Case (GOLD)

This is a thin and rectangle portable camping stove. In order to operate this stove, you need to have butane or propane fuel and connect one of them with the stove. You don’t need a match and other objects to make fire. With this wonderful stove, you can just turn on the gas and start controlling flame level. You will get a free case to put it inside. Then you can carry the case with stove inside to everywhere. You may use it at home too.


5. Lixada 3000W Camping Gas Stove Cooking Portable Foldable Split Burner Outdoor Hiking

This is a foldable and portable camping stove. It is a great ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and picnic. Unlike others, it is designed uniquely. It has 3 standing legs which support the whole stove body. Even more interesting, it doesn’t have gas cartridge inside. Instead it is made to have separate fuel source for safety. Despite small size, it can endure heavy pot above it.


6. RioRand Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition

This is a lightweight portable outdoor stove. It has only 3.9 oz weight which won’t be a burden on your shoulder. Since it has tiny size, you can put it any bag for traveling if you don’t want to bring its original case. The dimensions are 2 by 1 by 2 inches. You are able to adjust flame level. The stove has 3 arms which have many racks to support cookware from slipping or falling.


7. Wolfyok Outdoor Camping pan Hiking Backpacking Cookware Set Bundle with Camping Stove

The last recommended camping stove is this backpacking cookware set. There are 12 pieces in one set. Just this one, you can go to camping without any worry. For instance, there is a small stove and cookware items which made form anodized aluminum such as pot, frying pan, soup spoon and all of these are foldable. What’s more, you also can get mini waterproof flashlight to shine your way at night.


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