Top 7 Best Tablet Stands in 2017

Tablet has become a favorable device which people like to use it for reading, playing games, watching videos for the tablet normally comes with big screen which is perfect for such purpose. However, it might be a bit hard for you to hold on to the tablet all the time when you are using it since it is heavier than the normal smart phones which is why tablet stand is designed to help you with such problem. With the tablet stand you will find it more convenient when you have to read or play game for long hours for you do not have to hold it for that long. The tablet stand is designed to help you with it effectively. Moreover, the best tablet stands could ensure the great stability for holding your devices. It could also protect the devices from scratches that might happen accidentally. Therefore, the best tablet stands makes great tablet holding gear that you need.

1. Anker Multi-Angle Stand for Tablets

The Anker tablet stand is a lightweight tablet stand which features compact design and this tablet stand features pocket-sized which allows you to take it along with you easily. Moreover, this favorable tablet stand comes with durable aluminum body which makes it sturdy and could last for long time. This stand is capable of holding to 11lb load and devices as thick as 0.4in / 11mm with the rubber foot insert and 0.55in / 14mm without it. The angle of the stand could be adjusted easily and it is suitable for both vertical and horizontal viewing. No worry about your devices getting scratched because this tablet stand comes with rubber pads and feet which protect your tablet from the scratches.


2. Basics Adjustable Tablet Stand

Looking for the tablet stand for easily reading or watching videos, this tablet stand would make the best choice for you to consider. The AmazonBasic tablet stand comes with compact design which is why it features a perfect size. It is a portable tablet stand which perfectly fits in your pocket or bag. Moreover, the stand features non-skid design which is the best key of keeping the stand secure on the surface and avoid skidding. This tablet stand by AmazonBasic is sompatible with Apple iPad 1, iPad 2, the new iPad, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Touch, Kindle e-Reader and other tablets and e-Readers.


3. Lamicall iPad Stand

The Lamicall tablet stand makes the best tablet stand that you could find on the market. This well-designed tablet stand features sturdy construction which ensures the durability of the stand while the rubber pads could provide great protection to the tablet for protecting it from getting scratched. This tablet is compatible with the devices to 4-13 inch. The multi-angle support allows you to view the tablet in both vertical and horizontal viewing making this stand perfect to use when you are playing game, reading, typing and watching videos. Besides, this stand is lightweight for it is made of spaceflight Al-Ti alloy and super high strengthened alloy steel material.


4. OMOTON Desktop Cell Phone Stand Tablet Stand

The OMOTON might be the most solid tablet stand that you have ever used for this tablet stand features 4mm thickness aluminum, which is 25% times thicker than normal stand, and this is always one of the reason why the stand could offer great stability. It offers wide compatibility for the stand is suitable to use with almost all phones and Ebook Readers and most Tablets (up to 10.1 inch), even with the heavy case on. The silicone pad of this tablet stand could offer great protection to your devices against slip and scratch. The viewing angle of the stand could be adjusted from 40 to 45 degrees which allows multi-viewing.


5. Kitchen Tablet Mount Stand iKross

If you are looking for a durable tablet stand which could be mounted to the countertop of the kitchen, this might make a perfect choice for you. The iKross tablet stand offers wide compatibility and it could be adjusted from 6 to 8.7 inches to accommodate majority of the 7 to 13 inch tablets. Moreover, this stand features a modern and sleek design which could add more to the decoration of the place and it is suitable with any deco. It allows multi-mounting which provides convenience and versatility for every viewing angle. The heavy duty brushed aluminum base could ensure the durability and stability of the stand very well.


6. MoKo Cell Phone Stand, Tablet Stand, Universal Foldable Multi-angle Desktop Holder

The MoKo is a lightweight tablet stand which could be folded up flat and fits well with you bag. This tablet stand id made of durable ABS and rubber which is durable and could hold on to device up to 8 inch. Moreover, this well-designed tablet stand comes with rubber pad which allows great protection for your devices. It protects the devices from scratches and skid. This tablet stand allows 6 fully adjustable slots which allow you to easily adjust to any angles that you want. Hence, the MoKo tablet stand is the best tablet stand which is durable and it brings about conveniences when you are using the tablets.


7. Tablift Tablet Stand

This is well-designed tablet stand which is compatible to almost all type of tablet. It is considered as a universal tablet stand. This special tablet stand will fit any tablet that with an edge that will fit into the 10mm wide slots. Moreover, the stand comes with flexible legs which could be folded for compact size. On top of that, the stand makes a perfect choice for the bed, the couch, or any uneven surface. The Tablift would make a perfect tablet stand when you are on the bed or on the couch. It makes it more convenient to view the photos or videos. Therefore, if you are looking for the best tablet stand, this could be the one on your list.


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